Digital Media Practice Impressions/Expectations

Third and Final Year at Nottingham Trent University (NTU)


So it’s the final one. The last year before I rejoin the world… as a post-graduate of Art & Design Media Practice BA (hons). A daunting that this is where all my efforts truly count, not to just make it over the finishing but to really put the effort in and get all you can from it.

New York and Leicester here we come!

I’d be interested to see now with a bigger student base for our course how that will carry on. Will it alienate me from taking part? Create distance? Or will it give me a wonderful opportunity to meet some like-minded practitioners that I could potentially produce some amazing work with this year and beyond. Maybe even find a web designer or two, I can dream 🙂

So apparently at some point we are potentially going to New York for a design conference and to Leicester to see the Richard III memorial. So there’s quite a bit of travelling involved in this year, quite looking forward to it! Especially the design conference. I’m assuming the Leicester trip is something to do with a client that we’re taking on later on in the year. We haven’t had much details on that other than we’re doing SOMETHING ON it! 🙂

Looking forward to it all however with the freelance and consultancy work I’m doing. I’m hoping I can start to scale back on that otherwise it’s going to clash quite heavily with my University work. I’m currently working for 2 large companies an international Tyre whole-saler and an Immigration Law Firm that has all kinds of diverse training arms they’re constantly needing websites doing. The Tyre whole-sale company is always launching new brands and countries, stores so they need updating and their online stock types need to be managed. All of those also require support for when something goes wrong which is fine when I had my own design agency but it’s more difficult when you’re at University to say the least!

I’ll try to scale that down but that’s a big consideration and I’ll probably also have to put my creative writing to one side which I started in Summer. If this week is anything to go by, it’s all go and it’s going to be VERY full on!


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