Crazy Cricket Group

So I know the target audience now, the brief for what’s needed all I needed was a crack-team of multimedia-professionals! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to comission a mercanry team of designers instead I choose the people nearest to us as we banded together for fear of having to leave our seats and commune with the other students we barley knew. WITH THIS AMAZING TEAM ASSEMBLED! We have the following-

Michael Jobling (Cinematography/Photography)
Shezad Ajaib (Illustator/Animator)
Rachael (Animator)
Beth Squires (Flash Animator)
Haroon Ghazni (Graphic/Web Designer)

So similar to ‘Kwik cricket’ we decided to give this project a name and decided for something that alliteration and was accessible/interesting for a child. So went with ‘Crazy Cricket’.

We made our private Facebook group, Dropbox, exchanged contact details and began working on ideas (as we only had a week). Initially we’ve gone for a multi-media product that can be used in a teaching environment in schools. It would consist of;-

– A Flash Quiz
– Instructional Video with some animations
– REAL Umpire instructor who breaks to give kids Quiz’s in each section (physically trying the game between segments)
– A Website (to hold all the multimedia on there)
– A Brand with Logo and Mascots

So that’s essentially the brief, the group and the idea! Some would say it’s ambitious however if we all work on our own disciplines during the week we can do this. Everyone seems to be eager to show what they can do in the first week and my question to all of them when they put a new multi-media idea forward is “is this achievable?”. They’re all adamant they can do their individual tasks so I’ll take it from there.


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