First Design Task Brief – Informative Cricket Product for Kids

So already two weeks in we’ve been given our first design task! I say ‘we’ because as it’s a group project. We’re to work roughly with 4-5 other creative practitioner students on our course. I’m assuming the goal here is to get a wide spread of skills so your group has versatility.

What is a ‘wicket’?

Now the task we’ve been given is to use ‘multimedia’ to inform children about the difference in the physical wicket of a cricket pitch and it’s also non-physical purpose in the game. Now luckily for myself I’ve been playing cricket since I could walk, I’ve played professionally for Nottingham City, Nottingham Amateurs, Carrington and every school I’ve ever been to. So I’ve got the rules fairly well ingrained in my mind and that should prove a good asset to any group I’m a part of.

Kwik Cricket in action

I would though still research the technical definition of the two as my interpretation may have changed over time thanks to the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board). It also depends which set of rules we look at as there is normal cricket (Test, ODI, Twenty-Twenty) and there’s others developed for children such as Kwik Cricket.

This isn’t being marked but it’s to get things going and to become familiar with what could be needed or assessed for the assignments ahead.

pitch for cricket
This is essentially what the brief is so it’s my job and the groups to make sure we hit this with good research and proper planning.


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