Crazy Cricket – Planning and Research

So I’ve been looking into what videos or design themes we could look at to inspire our work.
Kwik Cricket was an obvious one simply because it’s targeted towards cricket and logo/theme of the organisation is in line with what we’re doing. I researched it mostly to help me with the design of the website. Unfortunately, their website is far less inspiring than the logo. In fact it’s just a sub-page on the ECB’s website!


So whatever inspiration I’d draw would have to be from just the logo itself. The ECB website is clearly targeted towards adults, parents, teachers and coaches. Not so much I can draw from there. Our target audience is younger so I’d have to look at those flash gaming type websites. With the central focus being on the video.

A website like this perhaps?

So the fundamental difference between the types of wickets I had to research too.

From the most reliable of sources (*cough*) Wikepedia.

It show’s there are three main different types of ‘wicket’ in the game. We need to make sure this comes across as simply as possible to the children. Cricket is a complicated game and our lexicon can’t be using words like lexicon. So we need to make sure all our work is interesting and relevant towards teaching kids. I’d do this by researching existing children’s video’s about teaching children how to play a sport.

So the video seems to be fairly highly edited visually and audibly to be entertaining. Being a short video is important and it has to be more showing than talking. Using a Text overlay to explain the rules doesn’t seem to be a good idea at all, narration over the video seems the best way to keep the children interested. Children don’t really want to be reading text for instructions.

I think we’ve got enough here to get us in the right direction and we’ll have to keep searching if we feel light in any departments!


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