Crazy Cricket- Video Shoot/Planning

So our cricket group all went to the arboretum on the day we we’re all available to start shooting our video. We all took it in turns to interact with Beth who was basically the main person in the videos (mostly because she brought the kit and still plays cricket now). By interact I mean bowl to her, bat with her, catch the ball or run between the wickets. Essentially these clips are going to be used to be put in the video that’ll explain the basics of cricket as well the meaning of wicket(s) in cricket.

Beths Cricket Kit

So Beth brought the gear and Michael brought his recording equipment. It was a very productive day however we did have some serious concerns about the lighting as it was going fast when we arrived. On hindsight we should have come earlier though Michael was adamant we wouldn’t have issues with the lighting. We weren’t concerned about sound so we didn’t bring any microphones mostly because we were going to have a voice over with music. So it wasn’t a concern.

Overall it turned out really well and Michael is going to get the footage on the dropbox asap for Rachael and Shezad to work on with the animations!


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