Crazy Cricket – Communication Issues

So closer to our final presentation we’ve lost communication with Rachael altogether. Shezad was having problems with Facebook as he doesn’t use Facebook and email or text was the only form of communication. Beth still hasn’t figured her issues with the Flash Quiz and the only person communicating as I do is Michael.

So right now I’m feeling pretty alone on the project as everyone else has left us both in the dark. It’s been like this throughout most of the project.

I know Rachael has had the footage since Sunday 11th October but I know for a fact she hasn’t been working on it and prioritizing everything else in her life aside from her University work. Which is fine if she’s doing individual work but right now it’s the night before our final presentation and she’s just asked, again, what we want the characters Shezad designed to be animated as in the video.

Shezad’s Mascots and Beth’s Flash Quiz Background

I honestly can’t believe how she’s totally ruined our project by sitting on something, not communicating with us, not responding to us and prioritizing everything else over university. Not impressed and honestly will NEVER work with her again.

I still don’t have the video or the quiz for the website despite Shezad developing his illustrations very early on and Michael doing his bit all throughout the weekend. Shezad is now having to emergency edit a video together for us but I don’t have that yet and it’s too late in the night to do anything.

I’ll just to have to sleep on it and hope Shezad can recover after what Rachael done to us.

I’m glad we had each others phone numbers and emails because even though they didn’t always reply it gave us somewhat of a fighting chance to mobilise after an emergency like this. Though Shezad not being able to communicate properly did hamper the quality of our work. He did set it up but he then forgot the password for some reason wasn’t able to make another account because it was tied into his old email address think. Though he did his work on time and to a high standard would have been nice to communicate but I’m happy to work with him again. Very professional otherwise and the same goes for Michael.


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