Crazy Cricket – Final Presentation + Overview

Shezad saved the day by handing something for us to use for the day in the form of this video. Almost nothing like it was originally planned to be like and still quite upset with Rachael.

It didn’t have the mascot illustrations that Shezad had designed, nor did it have the voice over narration that we planned with the script that was designed. Though at least it was something to put on the front page of the website.

Beth came back with Flash Quiz which was very simple but at least she came through. However she only came through on the MORNING of the presentation only when prompted by myself for it. So after some very quick on the fly editing whilst there the website was finished. Honestly not impressed by their professionalism but with Beth at least she was in communication at all times and she tried. She even came out with the goods in the end and it wasn’t half bad. You can play it here.

I had a word with Julius our Course Leader before the presentation to let him know essentially what was happening and thankfully he was very understand and overall it went really well!

The problem I find with being in a group is that I come into a natural position of leadership usually due to my age and experience. The major problem with that is I have to keep ontop of everyone to make sure work is done on time and to the vision. It’s not always possible though when you’re also a major contributor and have freelance commitments and you’re doing paid consultancy outside of University (which is why I’ve had to scale back my work out of Uni).

I need to be able to delegate more or not take such a leadership position. Which is always a massive struggle when there’s at least a 7+ year gap between myself and every other student on the course. So with Rachel and Beth they were very relaxed and to be honest aren’t very technical people, they really struggled with basic software during this whole project and having to babysit and do your own work whilst trying to chase other members within a VERY tight deadline of 6-7 days was a struggle.

I hoped that between 3 people on the video team they could organise themselves, but…it just didn’t happen without me pushing and asking questions. In the real world none of this practice would be professional otherwise you’d be cut from the team or fired from the project/agency. I certainly wouldn’t be working with you. I don’t know, there’s not much you can do with University student’s that don’t respond to 3-4 different types of communication. They’re still young and learning. I’ll definitely be wiser choosing my next group partners going forward as I’ve NEVER worked with either of these people. Glad I did though Michael and Shezad turned out to be very good to work with.


The rest of the teams did a fantastic job and I’m actually very proud of everyone. Though I’m most proud because my website turned out the best! No offense to Ed ;D Just don’t think it aesthetically worked for kids and looked very difficult to understand/navigate. Though some of the animated video’s that were made were just astonishingly good. Very impressed!


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