Audio Project Idea Overview

So after giving up on all other ideas (previously mentioned) our group settled on the 9/11 transcript idea. Our initial idea was to have a father being called on a mobile phone by her daughter who in the course of the phone call reveals they’ve been hijacked but her attitude is one of acceptance of the situation. She simply just wants to say speak to her father one last time incase the worst is realised.

We spent the Tuesday after the brief writing the script for the entire day. We tried very hard to make sure on such a sensitive topic to be as accurate as possible with the atmosphere, the conversation and would realistically be said during a conversation in an atmosphere like that between a father and daughter. We did a lot of research on the possible foley sounds and phonecalls made during September the 11th, 2001 like the video below.

One of the lines from that video made into the script “I see water. I see buildings. We are flying low. We are flying very, very low. We are flying way too low. Oh my God we are flying way too low. Oh my god!”.

That video also made us realise the script can’t sound scripted in a tense, realistic environment. It has to sounds panicky, words need to be repeated. Sentences don’t necessarily have to make sense, people in a conversation can overlap. There doesn’t need to be a perfect scripted exchange of turn-taking in the conversation. Natural is better in this case.

The consideration for what foley sounds we could achieve also took a role in deciding how the script was written. For example we almost didn’t have the scene where she was hit in the face by the hijacker because we weren’t quite sure to how to get a realistic sound (we wanted her nose to break). In the end we researched breaking celery would achieve the exact foley sound we were looking for! So it stayed in the script 🙂

So here’s a snippet of the completed script that myself, Ben, Zack stayed back late to work on.

It essentially ends up with the an escalating situation through sound in the background and the tone of the daughter that eventually reveals the secret of what’s really going on.

Now the next part is to arrange the voice actors we’ll need to do this. Jake has some people in mind and he’s going to cast his net wide to get people in his drama class to take part by asking on Facebook. We’ve set a date for Thursday to record the script in the audio booths at the top of Waverly in the Mac rooms.



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