New Design Task – Audio Project Brief

So today we were asked to develop an audio only product in groups for next week. This time I chose a group of people that I was more familiar with and had successful history working with. I was working with Jake Marsh, Ben Williams and Zac Pickin.

I’m really enjoying these mini-design tasks so far. I think it’s a really interesting idea to produce an audio-only project as I’ve never done or thought of doing anything like this before as a creative practitioner.

The main criteria behind this audio project is that it has to be a secret to be revealed in the scene/script at some point.


Foley also is going to play a HUGE part in this project especially in the idea we’ve chosen. As we’re kind of planning that through Foley we’ll reveal the script in the script/story! We’ll have to do a lot of research on particular sounds to compliment the script or even in order to consider the viability of certain scenes making it to production ONLY if we can do the foley for it!

We’ve had a myriad of ideas ranging from prison encounters, drug deals and a mugging! However we strangely settled on a 9/11 transcript of a woman ringing out to tell her father the plane has been taken over by hijackers.

Very much looking forward to it, we’ve booked out an audio booth at the top of Waverly in the Mac Rooms and have begun working on the script.


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