Infographic CV + Fonts lecture

Had a really informative workshop with Shaun Belcher regarding Fonts, Typography and Info-graphic CV’s! We begain with going over Shaun’s work and what’s he’s done with his sabbatical off from being a lecturer!

So he showed us his art, poetry and other work he had done including his portfolio site

IC79618[1]We delved into the very basic understanding’s of how type font’s came about and the reasoning behind the indents at the end of letters in early fonts. Mostly because it was how the Romans used to chisel or write on wax latin or Roman numerals. Which is something I had no idea about so that was quite nice to learn.

We then looked at Infographic CV’s and Portfolio’s in a bid to being able to understand different ways of trying to sell/promote yourself, your work and your skills. It was an interesting way of looking to promote yourself when job searching however I’d prefer to have a sharp yet simple portfolio site which possibly could have a fun infograph about my skills in the about me section.

Something like this maybe;-


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