Audio Project – Recording Session

On the day we had an unfortunate incident where Jake informed us the male actor wasn’t able to make it though two female Actresses were! So on the fly we had to change the script and re-print the handouts ready for them to accommodate the script as a mother and daughter dynamic now. Which did have to change the script more than just changing the words from ‘dad’ to ‘mum’. We also made sure that it had English mannerisms used as we didn’t really have actresses that could do American accents or at least believable enough for such a serious topic.

So with the script ready we invited our mother and daughter duo of actresses into the sound booth where I explained the script to them. The setting and the emotional journey they both go on. After roughly 10 takes we got it? There was an issue with the lack of emotion with the actresses who played the daughter but with enough feedback we got the atmosphere right.

With Ben on the sound controls and myself instructing the actresses Zack and Jake stood outside as we did our takes.

The recording part didn’t longer than 45 minutes? And we were happy with the work. Now the post production work begins and finding the right foley for project.

We did have a little script rehearsal before the voice actors arrived, you know to make sure it all sounded ok. All in good taste…I think.

We’re going straight to hell.


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