Audio Project – Second Recording Session + Edit

So we came in for our second recording session to sort out the foley and background voices we’d need to finish the production.
So we used celery for breaking bones for when Grace gets punched in the face and it produced some fantastic results….infact maybe TOO fantastic? Can a thing ever be TOO fantastic? I don’t know however what I do know is that sound may have been to severe and through post edit we corrected that issue by lowering it’s ‘peak’ (reducing the highest level of strength of an audio signal).


After we all did the voices of the passengers in the background 3-4 different times we played some Karaoke AND AFTER that we auditioned who could be the Hijacker terrorists voice. Unfortunately…or fortunately, Jake won! He simply had to much natural ability as a terrorist sounding individual and had to be given the role and it turned out really well as a result!

With all foley and voice acting complete, it was time for post production! Ben was going to finalise it over the weekend though it was practically almost done before we left.


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