Naomi Kotler Guest Speaker

warner_bros_creative_talentA former student who spoke about her time in the gaming industry. Spoke about her journey as a Creative Digital Practitioner and how she won one of the most prestigious scholarships through Warner Bros Creative Talent. A place where she was exposed to some of the most creative people in the country in their digital fields.

One of her main learning outcomes from her time on it was that she worked with people who were just as motivated as her and was able to pick up languages, programs very quickly. Which even as a web designer is highly relevant.

Being a troubleshooter and someone who can pick up software fast is crucially important in our industry. It’s something I’ve been told at work placements during the first and second year of my time on Media Creatives.

I’m very impressed by her passion, her dedication and work ethic. You really have to push yourself hard to hone your skills early on and there’s software like Adobe Illustrator that I want to learn and languages like PHP/HTML 5 I’d love to learn more in depth.

She also always had her own personal projects and games that she did which is similar to what I do. I’m always taking on freelance work like I’ve already mentioned in previous posts. I couldn’t recommend it enough, working with real world clients makes the biggest difference. Stop’s your skills from stagnating and you becoming comfortable with your skillset. You learn very quickly what’s relevant, what issues can crop up and how to do deal with them in the future.

Very glad of Naomi coming in today and followed her on twitter and sent her a message. If you’re reading this Naomi, stay awesome! 🙂

Naomi Kotler’s Portfolio Website

She also has a cool portfolio website similar to what I had but here’s Portfolio Website. Something what I need to do myself this year far before I graduate as I had in my first and second year! It’s minimalist and but it get’s the job done. I would perhaps have a more expansive portfolio section with more information about the individual work though there’s always the contact section for now.


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