Audio Project – Final Edit + Presentation

So on the final day we were asked to present our week’s efforts on this audio only project. Tired yet prepared we awaited our time to present our week’s work to the group. What quickly became evident early on from some of the earlier groups is that audio quality of the setup in WAV 105 was awful. It didn’t do ANYBODY’s project any justice and to be honest fairly disheartened us. However we knew we had a strong product and worked on the script, the research and the folly damn hard. So we were hoping something would carry through. Then it was our turn.

[insert audio project]

After a brief moment of silence came our lecturer’s feed back which was simply “well that was dark”. Annnnnd that was it. No other feedback, simply that in a poor audio setting with the added message at the end of the presentation being “it’s our faults for not checking the equipment before presenting”. Which is true in a professional real world environment however in this setting that’s just displacing blame really and belittling the efforts made by the entire gathering of students who did the design task.

Regardless we knew the audio project we did was strong and unfortunately couldn’t take much value from the feedback other than check your equipment before presenting…. which I’m sure we all will do in the future as I have done in the past when I was a business advisor or presenting on behalf of my design agency.

The project was very fun and despite today I thoroughly enjoyed. Doing something completely different allowed me to learn more about foley, voice acting and working with audio more. Which is one of my weakest areas! So I’m happy overall and working with Zac, Jake and Ben was brilliant as always. 10/10 would foley again.


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