Leicester Trip Brief for Richard III Client Project

richard iii visitor centre leicesterOn an unusually early Monday morning for ADMP students we had our brief for the Leicester trip. In it we discussed that we’re making the trip on the 10th November.

The trip will essentially consist of us visiting Bosworth Field (the site of Richard III final battle), going to lunch in the city center and then heading to Leicester Cathedral to visit his final resting place.

My main goal once there will be to do the following in-line with our brief for the Digital Practice Module of ADMP;-

  • Make ‘connections’ either from the past to the present, the attraction to the modern life or our target audience (TBD)
  • Looking for an untold angle to tell the story
  • Take pictures and notes for research


I also joined our group today which consisted of myself, Ashley Green, Maximilian Edelston and Josh Wilson. We’ve already on our first day begun brainstorming ideas so that we have some strategy/direction before we go Leicester.

Despite being in a group however it was noted today that this is an individual project and as such will be mostly marked as that. So the importance of keeping a work journal, documenting the process and myself showing I’m achieving the learning outcomes is what really matters here through my own work.

My opinions

I think the trip is a perfect opportunity to take in the atmosphere, visit the client and understand the brand/story better. Which will make whatever we eventually end up doing have more direction/focus on what the client will need from us.

The client is giving a brief at the end of the day to give us an understanding what they’re hoping to achieve from this collaboration with Nottingham Trent University and the students on this course.

In between then I need to do far more research on the history of it all and look at similar projects for elsewhere to help cook up some ideas with our group so we’re prepared for the 10th November. That’s the plan!

All in all it should be a productive day out made that little bit better the weather willing!




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