Richard III Group Ideas + Meeting

So we’ve lost Josh as a member of our group who’s joined a team with a vision more in line with skills as a creative practitioner.

We have gained the almighty Lewis, master and commander of all things conceptual art! Which opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

So we talked about some new ideas and discussed our old ones today.

The google video website one seems not very viable because of the fact we have may permission issues as well possibly not being in the clients interest showing off the attractions people would normally pay for. It’s not in there direct interest. Unless we had it as a paid service they could sell.

Though we would rather do promotional material rather than a product to be sold. It all depends on the clients brief. The main criteria academically however is that we show an unseen angle of the story. So we’ve got to really figure out what that could be as most things have been done already.

We had a meeting the SU today after our confetti presentations regarding this project before we go on the trip to Leicester tomorrow. In attendance was Ashley and Max.

We came up with the idea for an animated multi-video project either as a very short episodic series showing the life of Richard III and his most important moments from life, death to rise or….to show in one video his life and rise in an animated video.

We’re still thinking about target audiences and what the client will want but I think most of it will be made clear after tomorrow and the brief at the end of our visit there.

Here’s some of the videos that we’re looking at to help us with our concept.

War of the Roses – The wars that inspired Game… by prismaa4

Essentially it’s all playing off the Game of Thrones concept that it’s inspired by the War of Roses. Though the history GoT video that we’re most inspired by is mostly an animated scene with the shot being panned around whilst being highly zoomed in at times. Overlayed with good foley sound and voice acting! Out of the two it’s definitely the GoT History video we’re looking to do something similar of.

We were also thinking of a 360 video idea in the form of a tapestry where you could move your phone/tablet device around you and view the entire tapestry. It’s a very cool idea which myself and Ash are researching into.

We’ve assigned roles today so I’m going to be doing a technical research on the 360 video with YouTube, Advertising on YouTube, Website concepts (what’s already out there) and writing the script with Max.


We’ve also divided the historical research so that we all understand the narrative of the timeline we’re working in so we all have to do the following before we next meet as a group.

Protector of the realm – Ash
Illegitimate Edward – Haroon
Split in his followers – Max
Tudor coming to kill him and re-take control of England – Ash

So quite a bit of work to do and 4-5 weeks to do it in (by December 11th 2015) so we’ve got to move fast.


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