Richard III Group meeting about ideas/presentation

Project Ideas

So we met after our trip in the SU bar to basically reflect on our trip as a group. Myself, Lewis, Max and Ash were in attendance.

We first reflected on the trip putting forward several ideas. The majority of which revolved around Lewis’s ability to create fantastic digital drawings.

My own ideas involved episodic mini-videos explaining the life of Richard III from life, death to revival. Through a number of short videos or through one single video that was entertaining similarly to the GOT history videos. All contained within a beautiful portal website.

Ashley came up with some other good ideas as well including a 360 version of his life through a google 3D video with a tapestry style story instead using Lewis’s drawing skills.

I think we’ve got some very strong ideas and I’m quite proud of them however what we mainly took away from yesterday was that the ideas have to be something that interests people who normally AREN’T interested in history. That’s what the visitor center was interested in getting across to us.

I believe our ideas hit the mark and we’ll aim to make sure they do appeal to people not interested in history¬†by making our video more dramatic and entertaining.


As for the presentation we decided upon doing a video presentation showcasing our project aims, ideas, roles, management styles, targets, research and inspiration. The video presentation was fleshed out at the meeting and later that night narrated by Ash + Max at their place where I’m sure they made sweet love before and after the editing.


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