My research on Edward IV

So before the presentation we decided to go away and do some research for our respective areas that would help us with our ideas. In the end I was given the enviable task of researching Edward IV and V. This was to help with script writing and getting a general understanding for the storyboard we would have to draw up too. Mostly using Wikipedia and other minor websites via Google search as a basis for this research.

King_Edward_IV[1]Edward IV

Even at the age of nineteen, Edward exhibited remarkable military acumen. He also had a notable physique and was described as handsome and affable. His height is estimated at 6 feet 4.5 inches (1.943 m), making him the tallest among all English, Scottish and British monarchs to date.

From the house of York, a Plantagenet.

Lost and regained his throne.

Edward did not face any further rebellions after his restoration, as the Lancastrian line had virtually been extinguished, and the only rival left was Henry Tudor, who was living in exile.

Edward’s health began to fail, and he became subject to an increasing number of ailments. He fell fatally ill at Easter 1483, but lingered on long enough to add some codicils to his will, the most important being his naming of his brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester, as Protector after his death. He died on 9 April 1483 and was buried in St George’s ChapelWindsor Castle.

He was succeeded by his twelve-year-old son, Edward V of England (who was never crowned) and then by his brother, Richard.

King_Edward_V_from_NPG[1]Edward V

The council had originally hoped for an immediate coronation to avoid the need for a protectorate. This had previously happened with Richard II, who had become king at the age of ten. Another precedent was Henry VI whose protectorate (which started when he inherited the crown aged 9 months) had ended with his coronation aged seven.

Richard, however, repeatedly postponed the coronation.

On 22 June, Ralph Shaa preached a sermon declaring that Edward IV had already been contracted to marry Lady Eleanor Butler when he married Elizabeth Woodville, thereby rendering his marriage to Elizabeth invalid and their children together illegitimate.[7]

The children of Richard’s older brother George, Duke of Clarence, were barred from the throne by their father’s attainder, and therefore, on 25 June, an assembly of Lords and Commons declared Richard to be the legitimate king (this was later confirmed by the act of parliament Titulus Regius). The following day he acceded to the throne as King Richard III.


So this gives us a strong basis for which to understand Richard’s motive and write as him. Which is what the animated video we’re doing is going to be, an inner monologue of 3 acts. So trying to portray what we believe from research like this and that the other members of the group are doing to be able to write an accurate script/storyboard from Richard III’s point of view.

So from this i’ll include regret with resolve for the actions he took upon his nephews and the weight on his shoulders to fight for his house Plantagenet with all the hard decision he had to make along the way. I’ll take all this onboard when myself and Max do script writing tomorrow at the SU.



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