Richard III YouTube Advertising Research

So it was my job to make sure we understood YouTube’s advertising rules for videos they advertise. Essentially it broke down into categories which I put into the following document below.

YouTube Advertising

We’re essentially not going for the forced version of videos that can only last 30 seconds and from what YouTube themselves say isn’t as effective as the other type.

The other type of YouTube advertising is unlimited in length however, it can be skipped after 5 seconds of being played.

So that I think is the one for us. It fits the length requires of what we need which is a 1 minute 30 second video we’re planning to make. It also means the client will have a better chance of getting a better conversion from the advert/video.

It also means the first 5 seconds need to be intriguing and exciting enough to keep them watching. Which fits perfectly with our young target audience!


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