November update

eyeemfiltered1439469225544So what’s going on with me? What have I been up to to these past two months (November included).

Well I’ve finished a couple practice design tasks which includes an ALL audio project and a cricket for children project as well.

I’m working on another two projects which are more long term for University. They are the King Richard III project and a project for Confetti/Creative Quarter where a group of us work with Nottingham Contemporary to do a project with them.

I’m also doing freelance work for several clients outside of University including a car wash franchise, an international whole-sale tire company, an immigration law firm and several training companies. As well the freelance work I’m on regular pay for consultancy that I provide every month for a couple companies.

All of which combined with my personal fitness (which I go every day now) keeps me very very busy.

However this whirlwind of activity came to a crashing halt since November 2nd which unfortunately was the result of me being ill with the flu quite severely. I was getting better however my trip to Leicester and going out for a meeting on Wednesday brought me right back into a fever/illness.

I’ve tried to finish my blogging to the standard I’m used to however I’ve only been able to part-work on my posts in draft form. I’ve been trying every day to finish my multitude of posts off and adding the right images, videos and podcasts that I’m working on which is looking nearer to completion after today. Which I’ve spent the whole day doing in order to catch up. I’ve only just today started to say the other side of this illness.

However with a full set of full university days/lectures tomorrow till Wednesday I’ll have to focus on my second blog which is for the confetti project which also needs work before the hand in on Wednesday.

So that’s essentially what’s happening with myself proffesionally. Hopefully I’ll be blogging back to normal within a week on a daily basis on my multitude of projects but for now I’m just hoping to finally kick this illness. YAY NOVEMBER! 😦

test_map_previewA placeholder map of my fictional world of Älterun

P.S. I haven’t mentioned this really to anyone but I’ve been writing an epic fictional set of novels since summer so that’s another thing I’ve been up to but I’ve put a halt on that till I catch up with my Work/Design Journal first. I’ve had to do a lot of reading/writing to start work on these novels but I think those will actually help me quite a bit on the Richard III project in particular.

Above is a very out of date map I created for my fictional world with nearly all for the placeholder names on the map being wrong now. I created this all in Photoshop it is nowhere yet completed. I still need to add rivers, mountains, forests, names for continents, cities, countries etc


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