Richard III Idea Presentation Day

So today’s the day of the presentation where essentially we pitch our ideas and show some concept work. Less than a week after we had come back from Leicester. So in that time we had to come up ideas, agree on one and then begin researching everything around this project. After all that we could begin doing some work. Understandably we weren’t able to produce anything substantive for show other than concept work and VERY early proto-types. Below is a brush that Lewis had created for people to be used multiple times in our opening act which will show the Battle of Bosworth.


We had agreed to have the presentation in a video format as Ash really wanted to try something new in a style he used in a previous design task before we started the Richard III project. As a group we agreed and Max/Ash finalised the video after we decided upon it’s contents.

However upon looking at it didn’t quite have everything we discussed but that was essentially our presentation. I’m personally used to do Power Point Presentations from faaaar back in professional life before university but I was open to the idea of trying something new in the third year (probably not the smartest to start experimenting).

I do have a suspicion that the presentation video doesn’t showcase our ideas very accurately but I guess it’s too late now being the night before. There’s also nothing in there about the website or the detailed research I did about YouTube video’s and how the length of our video with it’s format was decided by the advertising terms of service YouTube/Google have in force. Or the script that I’m writing with Max. We’ll just have to see how it goes tomorrow.


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