The New Plan Post-Presentation for Richard III Project

We got hit hard today.

It was the day of the presentation, hopes were high, the ideas were good. That ‘air’ of optimism was quickly shattered by our two lecturers who fully made us aware the presentation was confusing, the idea was unclear and the workload was disproportiante for certain members of the group (Lewis).

Now after the initial feeling of being upset passed it was clear that they were right. Our presentation wasn’t clear, didn’t inform anybody of what we were doing exactly, our thought processes, our concept research or roadmap for delivery.

The video was a random assortment of pictures of video clips that were too fast to be mentally taken in by the viewer. If it was me going to a professional pitch for a client I’m pretty sure the project or bid/tender would be cancelled. If I did the video style again I’d make sure our roadmap, our processes, our concept work and research was clearly indicated in a slow, easy to follow manner. It wasn’t a viewer friendly presentation video but you learn from these things. As well have and we’ll move forward stronger knowing we have something to prove.

We also didn’t read the presentation brief which academically set us back massively. We missed out on 5.5/7 points that we needed to achieve on the presentation. As a result we’re probably going to get an awful grade for this pitch. We also missed out on keywords that were meant to have in our presentation that summed our idea. Again that was missed because we didn’t read the presentation brief.

Easily the worst presentation I’ve been a part of and not my normal stuff of conducting a presentation. From a clients POV it was a lazy presentation as well. We had no introductions, no communication we all simply sat down and played the video and said nothing after aside for being open to questions.

Commence an emergency team meeting at the SU.


After the meeting we agreed there was nothing we could do about the past. We had to try twice as hard to make sure the work we did was academically and professionally on point.

Aside from not explaining our idea, processes or project management we missed a major point for the whole project. The brief indicated we were to make the Richard III project have an unseen angle to it. Aside from the video of us just showing his life in episodic videos which is essentially an uninspired animated short documentary we changed the concept.


We’re now doing a 1 minute 30 second YouTube advert video that will show an animated version of King Richard IIIs final charge at the battle of Bosworth Field, his death and then his burial. However the unseen angle is that we show his life from underground and how he reflects upon his life whilst under the carpark. After that he’ll be dug  up and it ends with a call to action showing the statue of Richard III in Leicester.

I’ll be writing the script with the help of Max and coming up with storyboard which we’ll go over with Lewis to make sure we’re all on the same page. We’re definitely still aiming to make it like the Game of Thrones history video for the younger target audience we’re aiming for.

Ash will be making a prototype 360 video and researching how it works.

After the script Max will be working on the foley sounds that we’ll write a list of what we need when I’m writing the script. Max is pretty much the sound guy in the project whilst I’ll be the one who kind of puts the image to script and storyboard.

That’s the change in vision after the brutal presentation feedback which we probably really needed. We really need to get this right now. I’ll be starting on the website as soon as the script and storyboard are done.


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