Writing the Script and Storyboard

So myself and Max spent the day in the SU today from morning till late afternoon hashing the meticulous details of the script, sounds, concept and storyboard.

So first we tried to understand what scenes we wanted in the script. We decided upon 3 acts;-

1. The Battle of Bosworth Field and Richard III’s charge into Henry’s line
– him being surrounded
– his death
– being transported to the friary and buried
– watching his grave marker in the garden slowly erode over time until death

2. His time underground as a corpse
– His reflection on life
– the sounds of the changing world
– loosing his feet
– building foundations encroaching upon him

Act 3. Unburial people surrounding him
– shot to modern day and showing Cathedral and visitors center
– call to action showing Richard IIIs statue

Here’s the script below that we came up with. Most of the first and second act is finished at this point. Though because there’s just such a volume of detail that needs to be finalised it just couldn’t be all done today. Though it’s a work in progress, it should be done in the coming days.

Ghazni_H_Richard_III_Video Script

The second part was the storyboard which was a visualization of the act breakdown I’ve posted above.


We initially started here with this after presentation (show’s act 2 when he’s buried) and moved to this storyboard after today.


It was done in Photoshop essentially with a bamboo tablet and tablet pen. It give’s a very brief indication of my thoughts for the scene and how it should play out. We’ve sent the script and storyboard to Lewis and Ashley to have a look and start to get an idea of the video will need to look.


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