Richard III Website Concept/Wireframe

So the idea for the website is to make it look Game of Thrones ‘esque. I want it to be a dark, period looking website that’s very simple and has a very video centric focus.


Here’s the current wire-frame for the website. It essentially highlights where in my head I see everything going. I’d like the Act tabs on the right to take you to each separate section of the video. The call to action to inform the user about the visitor center. The menu at the top is optional as I’m not sure what I’m going to put on there as there really isn’t anything I can put there since it’s only the video we really need with the call to action. So that might not make it into the final design.

In terms of research I couldn’t find anything that matched my vision as I was in one of those situations where this industry has awful looking websites that don’t match my vision. As most historical websites look like wikepedia pages.


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