Website Concept Design

So here’s the concept design for the website developed further in Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1.

The assets in this concept will more than likely change and also directly be used through photoshop and put directly into the website as is.

I’ve chosen the golden colour scheme to match the logo which is hex number #a18a69. I’ve removed the logo motto “Dynasty Death and Discovery” to save space below the logo where it normally is.

I’ve made sure to have Richard in life and death on the website as well in the form of art work. I’ve had to reshape, clean up and recolour the artwork for the website.

Also with the removal of Act 3 from the script there were only be two Act buttons now for 1,2. Those buttons should take you to either of the acts when clicked.

The call to action is simply the website the official visitor center website.


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