Guest Speaker Geoff Davies

Apologies for the awful quality of the cover photo, was very difficult to find a high resolution picture of the man himself!

So we had a guest lecturer today called Geoff Davies and being honest nobody had really any idea what he was about or what he did. So when he came in and explained his education going back to the same University (NTU) almost a decade ago right through to working for Tesco’s part time to all the cool work he’s being doing for Weddings, Red Bull etc….and the not so cool meeting edits that he did I think for BMW? Up to where he now makes a very substantial income as essentially a freelance videographer/weddingographer. Going to Milan for fashion shoots or using two Red’s on a crazy extreme-bike shoot on Mount Snowden with a £100k budget with 10-20 other cameraman!

It’s just always amazing to hear the journey and graft a creative practitioner has to go through to achieve his dreams in this industry. I think we’re all very proud and happy for him with a lot of us very inspired by his story. Whilst also being awed by his gentle introduction to us of Red Bull ‘Barnstorming’. What is Barnstorming? Well take a look for yourself!

One of the most valuable tips he gave us ranged from managing your time, clients, finances and equipment…

A lot of what he said I already knew as somebody who had been fully self-employed for several years after I was a business advisor and paid for my own life and flat through my free-lance work. How to mange clients, fee’s, expectations etc

However when he spoke about equipment it really resonated with me. When he spoke about equipment yes like most of us in the industry the geek does come out and you want to purchase stuff just because it’s cool but in reality. You should see them as investments especially as a freelancer. He spoke from memory about how much his equipment returned to him in terms of money and that just really impressed me in terms of thinking.

IMG_20140211_103100For someone who had no idea Geoff was coming and had just invested in a “Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III” with the intention to get more into videography and photography it was an unholy coincidence. I will definitely be seeing this as investment now and all future equipment. If I buy something will this aid my craft or me as a freelancer?

A big thank you to Geoff for coming today as he has inspired me and many others today. Already followed him on Instagram. Which is where he said co-ordinated a lot of the contracts/cool projects he’s taken on (social media).



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