Richard III Website completed!

So I’ve finished the Richard III website. It’s basically the same as the concept design with a few slight changes.

Originally it was going to be one video and not two seperate videos for each act. As a result each of the buttons on the website relevant to the acts (Act 1 button, act 2 button) would have links to time on the YouTube video which would been fine.

However due to the fact it’s been turned into two separate videos without my consultation that feature for different button for the acts won’t be able to work the same. So I’ve had to replicate the indexa1.htm (front page) and make it into another page indexa2.htm with the act 2 video on it. It’s only way it would work in the short space of time I had.

If I had more time I could make it all work on page by getting the links to take you within a frame on the page that can change from one video to another without leaving the website!

Aside from that I’ve hot-spotted (created a hyperlink on a picture) the logo picture on the site to link to the website as would be common practice for any site to have the logo link to the home page or somewhere else. Our intentions are to send traffic to the visitor center so that’s why I’ve set it to their website instead of ours.

Also the video is out of line with the box on the screen if I had more time I’d make sure it was dynamic¬†with every resolution.


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