RIII: Work Handed in

So today I’m handing in my work which will include the following on CD.


The Group assets will be the material the group as a whole produced and assets that I used in making my website as well. Such as graphic images, animated videos etc.


‘Burial, charge, death, fullbody, attack’ etc are the Photoshop illustrations that Lewis did for the video which I’ve incorporated into the website. As you can see below.


I used ‘Burial’ and ‘Charge’ in the background for the website whilst also including the RIII logo that I amended.

The next folder below is my actual work which included my evaluation, the script, the SWOT analysis, screenplay and the website itself.


The website folder had all the assets for the website to function on a live web host which is the files that I uploaded to the webhost exactly. So that’s in that folder which the Photoshop files and the Wireframe design as well.

That including my evaluation is everything I handed in. I’m very proud of our group and my work on the team. It was great doing an animated video, writing the script, designing the storyboard and taking the role of a creative director on a lot of aspects of the work. From idea, to storyboard to script and helping to keep ontop of the creative vision. It’s very valuable practice for when I start my own Design Agency eventually in years to come which is where I eventually to aim to be.


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