Assignment 2 client or Competition? D and AD Young Blood Competition.


So from the subject title and the logo’s above you can probably tell what I chose to do. I had the options of perusing interesting web projects from pre-selected clients however I stepped aside from those projects so other web students on the course could have a chance at getting some good experience on a subject that’s directly relevant to them. One of them being an NTU academic photography website that would act as repository for pictures for people on the BA Photography course, for lecturers and students. There was also another which I gave way to another student which left with me very little choice but to enter this competition. Of which nothing was web related or to do with web design so I chose the one thing that was the nearest to my specialisation (UI/UX design) and went for the ‘Adobe Creative Cloud Re-brand’.


The Compeititon/Client brief

They essentially want a re-brand of the Creative Cloud logo but not just that….they also want a new direction for their brand to bring in a younger audience. They want supporting material to help the logo and also want to work well with their existing brands. So essentially this is what they want;-

  • The Goal is to reimagine and remix the existing Logo for a ‘Youth Audience’.
  • Devise a ‘launch campaign’ to appeal to this group
  • ‘holistic brand campaign’. A campaign that aligns with their other products/marketing campaigns well.


“A product that enables you to do anything. The only limit is your imagination.”

The quote from the brief itself which would be what they want at the heart of this new re-brand. It’s not web design or User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) design but it’s an interesting project which I’ll give some real thought over the coming days ready for my project plan to be handed in on the 15th of January on Friday then for my presentation in the tutorial next week on the 19th. It won’t leave me much time to do work or produce much in the way of a prototype but we’ll give it a go. The brief asks more for an academic, data-driven project plan and presentation. So we’ll go down that route as it’s asking us.


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