Adobe Logo Data Research – SCAMPER Model

SCAMPER Model of provoking original thought by re-thinking an existing idea

Perfect for re-mixing/re-imaging the Adobe Creative Cloud brand so I feel it would VERY useful for my work in this competition. The below is the following I’ll be doing with the SCAMPER model for the Adobe Creative Cloud logo.

Substitute – Existing Style of cloud and infinite symbol

Combine – Upcoming Art and popular art styles with Adobe Brand

Adapt – To Modern digital art styles (look at popular social media mobile applications and how they connect with a younger audience through marketing)

Modify – Current Adobe Style (keep the red and infinite-cloud shape)

Put to other Use –
Look at what connects with the target audience in the current brand

Eliminate – Any elements of the logo that alienates young creatives or confuses the message of the logo (within the limits I’ve been set by the competition).

Reverse – Flip the current brand style and see what comes from it


SCAMPER Model Research

So deviant art had a fairly substantial redesign, not just an amendment but a ‘remix’ similar to what’s being asked of me. I remember the deviant art logo being the same for as long as I’ve used Photoshop. It seems to me they used the SCAMPER model by for example substituting colour shades and eliminating the waste and leaving less in the logo as just a few of the items they’ve used from the model.

Deviant Art (



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