Presentation Day (in tutorial)


So after finishing the presentation yesterday I was fairly happy with it.  I did realise however the brief for the presentation was very focused on making sure we understood how we were going to approach our data, measuring, research, models and everything else associated with data in our project. Which was asked to be shown in this presentation. I could imagine that it was going to be a fairly boring pitch and sell for how I was going to approach my project. Certainly not how I would pitch to a client unless they asked for this level of detail in research. (which is very unlikely to happen) The client wouldn’t normally want to know your research/data gathering and measuring methodology.

It was to be 10 minutes long. However we were rushed to get through it far quicker obviously due to the fact we only had an hour to do several students in a particular room. We ended up moving to another room to finish it off. I was rushed in my presentation which help make even less sense of the academic/data/research driven presentation.

Click HERE to view presentation.


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