Feedback of Presentation for Adobe Logo

The Good

Quite a lot of academic research method’s included, resources and examples of what I’m looking at. The other tutorial students liked the logo I designed and felt the cloud part of it was well designed and the thinking behind it being red was correct. That it should fit in with the brand of Adobe.

The tutor was happy with the design of presentation and amount dedicated to the research/data side of things as were the other students. They felt it looked very professional and corporate.

The Bad

The tutor felt my SCAMPER model lacked validity in parts especially on the Eliminate part where I mentioned that I would remove all aspects from the brand that would alienate younger creatives. He made the point that Adobe wouldn’t allow me to remove programs from the cloud that make them money if they alienate young creatives. Which is true but not what I meant when I wrote it into the presentation but to be fair to him he can only go off what I’ve written in the presentation. So I’ve reworked it so that it only applies to me eliminating aspects of the logo or adobe creative cloud campaign strategies that alienate young creatives. I’d do that to lead to the Reverse stage where I can see what needs to be added to attract  young creatives to the creative cloud!

I felt the presentation wasn’t entertaining enough or easy to follow due to all the research / data based slides.


The tutor wanted more work to be shown but was mostly content with what I had done so far. If I had more time from when I chose to join this competition and the 2-3 days I had before having to submit this project plan and then to design the presentation I would have done more. Overall it was good feedback but I think I would have made the presentation more entertaining to pitch whilst also retaining the same information. I would also have more work to showcase if I had more time but other than that it went ok not my best presentation.


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