Attending year 1/2 RIII presentations at Broadway

So myself, Zack Pickins and my girlfriend attended the 1st and 2nd year FdA Media Creatives presentation at Broadway Cinema in the Paul Smith screen for their respective Richard III projects. They came along with us on November 10th with our trip to Leicester to the Bosworth Battlefield, the Richard III Visitors Center and Leicester Cathedral. Whilst our project was to help bring in younger audiences that aren’t normally interested in history the Media Creative first and second years were briefed to try and capture an American audience instead.

I came early so I got to meet the staff, my old lecturers and a lot of the students I already knew from when I was a second year in their very same position last year. I watched the rehearsals, the setup and it all looked really good. Very professional presentations from both groups and the work was very commendable.

I do feel however being that a budget wasn’t specified and some of these students may never have done freelance work or have had to handle a budget they didn’t quite have realistic marketing ideas. They were good ideas but not quite right for a visitors center in Leicester about Richard III. I don’t think they would have had the capital to cover paying for the amount of advertising coverage they wanted in London. I think there was also a question mark on the research they did into figures for advertising costs and to be honest unless you’re working with a HUGE NGO budget is ALWAYS a concern with any client when developing their brand or marketing strategy.

I felt Emily’s team had the better look and marketing strategy, whilst also having the clearest pitch and if I was in charge of marketing of for the visitors center I would have gone with them. Though both teams like I said were great, I just felt the other team had an unrealistic marketing approach which wouldn’t have ever fit the visitor centres budget. Congratulations to both teams, they did a fantastic job and it was a joy to see the culmination of the Media Creatives work on their respective Richard III projects! Thanks to Deborah Tuck and Phil Nodding for the invite as well!


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