Campaign Idea for Adobe Creative Cloud

ghazni_h_assignment2_adobe_cc_redlogoHaving designed and chosen the logo I wanted to go with I wanted to use the scribbled coloured in look at the heart of the campaign for a young creative audience. Similar to a campaign I did for the National Video Game Arcade last year about getting adults to re-discover their imagination to come to a video game arcade. If I could reverse that and do it for kids, I think I’d be along the right lines. I think my ‘young’ target audience will be anybody who likes to scribble, doodle or ever has done before. Nearly EVERY child or young person at some point has scribbled and doodled something somewhere. This is aimed at them.

Maybe a campaign that says “if you can scribble, you can create”? something simple and involving to a large audience of people. It also matches in heavily with the logo. Though on the poster has to be something creative, fun and exciting. Maybe some graphic designed monsters or something similar? Something a young audience would like. With a font and typography that matches!


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