Campaign Idea: “If you can Scribble, You can Create”

ghazni_h_assignment2_adobe_cc_scribbleposterThis is the end product. I think it turned out really well. I made it in Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1 (64 bit) and designed the monster characters in Adobe Illustrator 5.1 (64 bit).

It’s a playful campaign idea via a poster aimed at a young target audience or anybody that has ever scribbled, doodled or coloured in anything in their lives!

The strap-line “If you can scribble, you can create” is a powerful and deeply resonating invite to anybody who has have scribbled with a pen or pencil. The scribbles and lines on the page that resemble a pen/crayon play into the whole design of the logo.

I’m very happy with the layout and design. I also believe this particular campaign idea works very well with a call to action at the bottom and this poster is ready to use in a campaign.

The most challenging part was probably the monster designs. I took normal photo’s of people and in Illustrator traced them over and began designing over the traced versions of them until I finally got what you see before you! The yellow light was added in Photoshop after as a simple shape, blurred with lowered opacity.


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