Personal Portfolio Website

Not making it from scratch any more

So I’ve decided instead of making it from scratch like I initially planned to I’m going to doing it on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). The reason behind that is because I also want to have my photography work and my writing on there too! Though I just don’t want to put them up I always want to blog about it all of it, now again I could do this on a custom system from scratch however I want to use WordPress because it helps promote your work. In the end that’s what I really want, for people to pick up my work from the hashtags then to come and have a look. It’s free promotion so why not. So for the short-term I’ve decided to do it on WordPress as it would also be easier to backup and transfer to a new platform as WordPress is good for that.

Domain name

I’ve just purchased and have already got my test servers ready to work on it (with a blank install of WordPress). After I’m finished with all my assignment 2 work for both my modules on my Arts and Digital Media Practices Degree Course I’ll get started on it.

Test Server

So I’m using the test server that I use for all my clients, to work on websites which is hosted on GoDaddy. It’s best to able to test websites in a ‘live’ environment but I also make sure I never make it public or Google searchable until it’s ready. It’s unprofessional and can make clients pretty upset that their customers are seeing an unfinished product that could potentially make them look worse off. I’ve had it happen before a couple times, some more serious than others but needless to say it’s now standard practice that I hide it away and keep it for my eyes and the clients only.

So it should hopefully within a few weeks I should have my Portfolio site ready for May and PPP module. Also being ready prior to graduation as well to be able job hunt.

I had to take my old one down last year due to an issue with the hosting that unfortunately made me loose it all as the host has a 4 day inactivity deletion policy. I didn’t have a recent enough backup and decided to start from scratch but with a more personalised portfolio. As my previous one was more like a separate company as I ran it is ‘living paint’ though it was just me. So this next one will be focused more on personality marketing.



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