Assignment 3 Overview

We are to acquire a client of our own choosing and take on a project of our discipline that challenges our existing skillset.

The official brief being:-

Ideally you will find a company or organisation that is external to the University for this part of the module. The task is to then produce digital design solutions to a brief agreed by you, the company/organisation and your allocated University project Supervisor….The priority for the project is the students’ academic study and NOT the companies’ requirements. 

So naturally I’m assuming I would do something web based. Something that preferably allows me to use my specialisation of User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design. For example trying to understand a new audience and how they would interact with a new module of a website I have never done before. Something that would make me work out of my existing paradigm of knowledge for web design.


With it being my final assignment and all my grades previously being formative, I need to make a final push to produce the goods against the learning outcomes for this module (Digital Media Practices). So the project I choose has to be challenging, academically I need to make sure I achieve my learning outcomes and demonstrate on my work journal more than ever before my thoughts, decision and  design choices/reasoning.

The website and client I choose has to be something that is somewhat new or different for me to help challenge myself. The project itself definitely has to be something different as to what I’m used to doing already i.e. creating WordPress websites by amending a pre-bought theme.


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