Assignment 3 – Client Acquired – Pianist Portfolio

So after some initial negotiations I now have a client for assignment 3. The client is Martin Jacoby, who wishes to create a portfolio website for himself. Martin is a pianist and he wants his website to reflect that with a white, clean colour scheme throughout the website.

The client also wanted to integrate his iTunes and Spotify albums onto the website to be sampled by the user with the option of purchasing as well. He wants it to be targeted towards people who enjoy classical music and with the aim to guide them to his his concerts and digitalised on-line music.


He already has a website with his current recording studio however wishes to make a new one more in line with his own vision for a website, designed his way.


His old website used the ‘wix’ platform which is a free Content Management System (CMS) that helps create websites.


I recommended to the client that we could create the portfolio website through the WordPress CMS which would be easier for himself to manage once it’s finished as well integrating the features he asked for. The client agreed and we’re moving forward with WordPress as the CMS.

Martin is currently based in Manchester however is originally from Nottingham. With him being in another city face-to-face communication would be restrained only to Skype unfortunately however we would communicate by phone or Facebook. I acquired the client through Facebook by running a public post on my wall looking for clients, Martin responded, we negotiated the details and we agreed on perusing the project under the understanding that I’m doing this for University foremost.

We do have a meeting planned for an undecided date in the first week of May which is before the hand in of the 13th May, 2016.


Finally I will use Dropbox to transfer files with the client such as musical scores, music, biographies and photographs/pictures. Those are the agreed assets I let the client know I would to initially begin work. I will however also need web-hosting details to have somewhere to begin working on the website which he will provide as soon as possible.

Martin already has a domain name so we’ll simply transfer that to the new web host where this new website that I’m going to build for assignment 3 will be located.


I think the project is something I’ve not done in a long while is to produce a website for a musician or integrate iTunes or Spotify onto a website.


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