Getting Started – Webhost / domain

The client handed over the domain and webhosting details to myself to his 1&1 web hosting account.


He purchased web hosting package specifically for this project and with the details I’ll need to log in and use the cPanel or whatever interface the web-host uses to manage itself and set up a WordPress directory with it’s own MYSQL database. When using cPanel however it should do that automatically. If not I’ll have to use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client/program to do it manually after creating a MYSQL database.

I can create the MYSQL database from an automated service all webhosts have called phpMyAdminAfter I set-up the MYSQL database I’ll use FileZilla as my preferred FTP client to upload a manual installation of WordPress to the website on 1&1. Then once it’s setup I’ll insert the details of the MYSQL database during the web-based installation of the WordPress manual install once I’ve uploaded it via FTP.

That should give us the foundation to get us started on this website!


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