Tutor Session – Week 39 – Assignment 2 & 3 Feedback

I had my first tutor session in a long while with our course leader Julius Ayodeji and our rag-tag band of fellow budding student designers. After combating illness towards the end of assignment 2 and beginning of assignment 3 it was good to be back.

The feedback for Assignment 2 certainly reflected what I had thought prior to completing it that against the Learning Outcomes (LO) I did a poor job of my evaluation in which I barley achieved to get a 3rd. I remember not being able to show a proper feedback loop to help iteratively improve my product and on-top of which I didn’t quite display much iterative development of my product. Poor use of data as opposed to my first assignment with no real reflection, research or use made from feedback.

Another big comment which cropped up quite a bit in the feedback was my lack of display to show Complex Project management (an LO) by not having much or any tutor feedback for assignment 2. Which essentially meant turning up to Tutor sessions and receiving feedback directly from the tutor or collectively from the group in person or even by e-mail.

Going forward I need to have a much stronger feedback loop, include more iterative development of the product, include more tutor feedback and try to adhere far more to the learning outcomes than I have in the past.

Comments on Assignment 3

I was given the feedback to make the website development/design more challenging that I should break from my comfort zone and build it from scratch. Creating the website from scratch would be a departure from designing them in WordPress which is what as of late I’ve become used to.

Jools (Julius) did say that with a custom built website I could have some modular pieces designed by other people as long as I can justify it by lack of expertise or time. That would be the reason why I did not do it fully by scratch I could argue.

Doing any of the above however would mean I would not graduate in July as the marking for re-submission would be later in the year as I recall so I would more likely have a September graduation if I took this path. So I’ll try to avoid it as best as possible.

It’s more if you’ve completely failed an assignment and want to get a better grade on it I was advised by Jools. Though your final grade depends on how well you’ve achieved against your Learning Outcomes (LO) throughout the year on all assignments. So as long as I do well on the final assignments then the previous don’t really need to be re-done & re-submitted.

Re-submission Policy

We also spoke about the re-submission policy. Jools essentially told all of us that we could re-submit ANY assignment from this year again with a re-submission form.

However doing so means we need to note what has changed in the re-submission and then Jools will mark it again.


The central part of tutor session was taken up by trying to understand our results and which learning outcomes we fell short on and what they actually meant. So from now the 13th May for Digital Media Practice (DMP) I’m going to paying far more closer attention to the learning outcomes, getting tutor feedback to seeing if I’m achieving them or not.

I now understand the re-submission policies for the course though I won’t be needing them unless I fail horribly in these last final assignments.

I also need to make sure my project is challenging and I’ll be looking into making it from scratch which I’ll showing my research on this Online Work Journal.


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