Degree Show Meeting


Today we had a ‘Degree Show’ meeting with the entire course to discuss if we’re happy with the direction of the marketing material and to see what is left to be done.

For myself who has been away due to illness in March and April it is a COMPLETE catch-up for myself today.

We spoke regarding the booklet design which was being led by Marco and Zack but because I don’t have any pictures of that there isn’t much point going into detail of that. Needless to say we all gave our feedback in an open verbal forum around a table and a projector screen.

Ashley Green organised the profile pictures and we were to return on Thursday for a photo shoot for the booklet.

A brief biography of ourself and our individual practice would need to be written for our bio excerpt in the booklet which also needed to be completed.

13225095_10154250697262835_1862750148_o 13234966_10154250697297835_497139997_o

We as a group also discussed the floor plan with Edward Bennett. More of a skimming over it without any solid conclusions unfortunately.


I need to provide a biography of myself, attend the photo shoot for my bio picture and also provide pictures of web/graphical work to be put into my section.

Other than that knowing when those pictures and bio’s will be needed by is still a mystery as no date or contact is given.


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