Tutor Session – Week 40 – Progress Report/Feedback

So we had our weekly tutor session today for an hour and thirty minutes in the Chaucer building with Julius Ayodeji. The following is what I took away from my time there.

Tutor Session (general tutorial talking points)

  • Blog more research ideas
    • talk positives / negatives
  • Read Josh’s blog (as he’s being very good with posting his research)
  • Show more iterative development
  • Talk about building a guide for the site after
  • Print/Create products to hand in
  • Do Sketches for wire-frames
  • Meeting the client on the 8th May 2016
  • Meeting with Jools (my tutor) regarding Notification of Exceptional Circumstances due to my illness at 11am at Waverly Cafe 27/04/16
  • Change Work Journal approach to begin posting BEFORE I start work in the day to get my work Journal up-to-date before I begin work.

Feedback on project from Jools/peers

  • Watermark the music of score-sheets (an idea)
    • Research ‘premium beat’ (suggestion from Tutor) regarding score-sheets for website
  • Potentially use promo codes for the score sheets
  • Basket System to sell the score-sheets
  • Sound-cloud Embedding (of the score-sheets)
  • Music plays to the or with the music you have (programming or design that effects hardware). Something I need to research this designing a website element that effects hardware.

Progress Report (what I’ve done so far)

  • Negotiated  the website structure with the client
  • Discussed potential feature of musical score-sheets that can be previewed for free (2-3 pages) before being bought (feedback to have music play as well on the score-sheets)
  • Setup Webhost package to hold the website on
  • Organised date for face-to-face meeting to be the 8th May, 2016 in Nottingham.

What to do for 2nd May 2016 (agreed with tutor to finish for next week)

  • Finish my draft blog posts and post my research, iterative development of product
  • Level 1 Wireframes
  • Level 2 Wireframes
  • Website up without spotify, iTunes or Scoresheets
  • Research Blog posts


A very productive tutorial where I got a lot of feedback on the work I’ve done as well setting goals for next week. I believe the goals I’ve set out to be very achievable if my health continues to be stable despite my sleep deprivation.

The musical-score sheet feed back was the most valuable on how to possibly implement it with all the potential research leads that I can take on i.e. premium beat, promo-codes, sound cloud embedding and web development that effects hardware of the computer (audio hardware).

Plenty to be getting on with!


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