NEC Meeting with Jools and Johnny Crump

So I had a scheduled meeting with Julius Ayodeji (tutor/course leader) and Johnny Crump (Admin) at Waverley regarding my illness and how it’s effected my study. We spoke about how it’s effected my work and it’s going effects to my performance on the course.

We agreed to peruse an ongoing Notification of Exceptional Circumstances (NEC) to be extended as time goes on if the situation does not improve.

I was very content and impressed with the care that was given during the meeting. We covered every angle and both Jools and Johnny were very sympathetic to my circumstances which I’m extremely appreciative of.

The Next Step

I’ve got to gather supporting documents of my illness which is mainly a Doctors letter. The letter is essentially to state that I’ve been to see her, spoken to 111 and to support the issues I’ve been having. After all of that I’ll fill out the NEC and submit it online which will then hopefully be approved so I can get the extension I quite badly need.


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