Project/Time Management – Kanban Board/Gantt Chart

So having already researched, evaluated then decided which methodology for project/time management I prefer I have chosen Kanban Boards for project management and Gantt Charts for time management.

Kanban Board


This is my make-shift Kanban board which has my initial work tasks on. It helps me to visualise what I need to focus on and also what I have lined up to do after. There is no colour scheme, the different coloured sticky notes are just coincidental.

Gantt Chart


This Gantt chart Includes time from the start of project to the possible 2 week extension from the NEC. Taking the original 6 week assignment (negotiated client project) to 8 weeks instead (with the 2 weeks from the NEC).

13th April is date I was able to start working on it the soonest due to illness. Though even then I was not able to fully concentrate due to the fever and sleep deprivation. This Gantt chart tries to offer the ideal time scale. It will need to be reviewed going forward constantly to make sure my personal issues and progress are all reflected in my time management (Gantt chart).

13th may is the negotiated client project deadline with the university which was week 6 but with a possible 2 week extension it will be the 25th May (week 8).

I’ve tried to leave the last 2-3 weeks ideally as contingency weeks if my illness becomes too much and I am unable to work accordingly to this time-scale.


Both these methods in conjunction with each other should help me better manage my time and resources with the added bonus of giving good experience for post graduation life in the web design industry.

I feel the Gantt chart being used for time management and the Kanban Board for Project Management will give me a strong basis for evaluating progress.


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