Spoke with my doctor regarding NEC letter

After speaking to my Doctor by phone, she has agreed to write a letter in support of a Notification of Exceptional Circumstances (NEC) to have an extension on my current deadlines. The letter will be ready by Tuesday and it will cost £25.

I’ve currently relapsed back into my flu and I’m quite ill again. The illness has resulted in myself becoming quite sleep deprived and lacking energy.

I’ve emailed the Admin (Johnny Crump) and my Tutor Julius Ayodeji to let them know of my circumstances with the Doctors letter/Illness relapse.

This constant illness and sleep deprivation is really affecting my work now as the original deadline for the PPP/DMP modules come closer (6th May/13th May). The NEC I’m applying for is to aid in increasing those deadlines date instead to the 13th May/25th May.

That should certainly go towards helping and I don’t want to miss graduation by having to extend it further after those dates. So, if the stars align I’m hoping for a good stretch of health this May to finish these modules and projects.


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