Tutor Session – Week 41

So in my final tutorial today with Julius Ayodeji I was unable to carry through with my targets/goals from last week due to illness. We did however check in on progress from everyone in the group with the over hanging thought that this may be the last we ever see each other again. Today was the last official tutorial/class of any kind of this degree. We may see each other at the degree show or at graduation but who know’s.

Though in addition to what I was to do last week I am going to need to;-

  • Research Wire-frame programs (DMP)
  • Google Fonts research for the website (DMP)

Plan of Action for Weekend

  • Read Learning outcomes for Confetti/PPP
  • Produce wire frame for DMP
  • Organise place to meet client (Martin Jacoby)


With my deadline for my other module on this course (Portfolio and Professional Practices) I need to focus on that for this week. The deadline for PPP is the 13th May and I want to have that finalised before the 13th (PPP deadline) so I can focus on DMP (Design Media Practice module).

I need to make sure my ethics checklist and client consent form are all in order before the hand in as well which I will endeavor to resolve his week.

I know what I need to do and I’ve been given the right direction with the tutorials of the past 3 weeks. I just need to start producing the goods now.


I’ll speak to Martin on the 8th and see what he has to say about the change. Explain to him that foremost this is a university project and it needs to be challenging.


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