Meeting with the Client

20160426180954_0_grosvenor[1]So today at the Grosvenor Pub in Nottingham I met with my client (Martin Jacoby) regarding this project. It was the first face-to-face we’ve had after initially agreeing to be working together building it.

I explained foremost it’s a university project and that I need to make it challenging. Making it challenging may result in building two websites (one from scratch and the other a WordPress website).

The client was also made to sign a client consent form to agree to this project being undertaken. I will hand that in with the rest of my work on the deadline (25th May).

Why build two websites?

As discussed with my tutor (Julius Ayodeji) I would need to make this project challenging. The reason being the first idea of creating the website on WordPress was to pedestrian and similar to work I’ve done in the past. It’s still in my comfort zone. I needed to break out in this assignment. So I agreed that building it from scratch and developing it like that would be more challenging then amended a WordPress theme.

Having said that if I can not finish the website in time or can not achieve what the client wants on the website in terms of aesthetics/features then I will simply build a WordPress website for him. Building a WordPress website would not take as long to build and I could finish that to a higher standard for the client after the project hand in (as I still agreed to develop the client a website regardless of this university project).

Clients Vision

After explaining the nature of this project and what I criteria I’ll be doing this university project under we began talking about the client’s vision for the website itself.

Martin had already explained what type of website he wanted but he re-iterated again in the meeting.

The client wants a minimalist, clean, pre-dominantly white website with potential water-paint style naturalistic landscape drawings. Drawings like the one below;-


The client also noted the importance of having his Spotify, iTunes and Musical scores available on the website for purchase.


Spotify and iTunes integration can be done with an embed code that both Apple and Spotify provide. The Musical Scores would need to be introduced through a module of some kind that I’ll need to do research on but more than likely could be paid for by using a PayPal button system to purchase the scores.

I still wanted to research into coding that effects desktop/mobile audio hardware for when people decide to play the music from the website.

I’ll have to begin working on a ‘from-scratch’ website that’s built without a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress or Website Platform like Wix.


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