Target Audience

So I’ve already spoken to the client about this issue of who he wants to target with this website. His response was:-

  • Classical Muscians
  • Classical Music Lovers
  • Fans
  • Press
  • Promoters

His demographic is fairly all over the place however research from Princeton University in America gives some some interesting insights into those who enjoy classical music.


So there’s a clear precedent here that the higher education the greater the chance that a person will enjoy classical music and attend classical music concerts. It seems those who study above a degree seem to almost be nearly double as likely to attend than those with just a degree. So from this I can gather those who may enjoy Martin Jacoby’s work as a pianist will more than likely be highly educated and intelligent. Their tastes may be more sophisticated and all of that needs to be reflected in the aesthetics and User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) of the website.


So from what I can see in the demographics here is that people aged from 18-34 and 45-54 are more likely to have attended a classical music concert and enjoy classical music. These are our two key demographics then and as such we need to cater to them. We do this by making sure the aesthetics and the navigation are minimalist, classy and well thought out.


After this evaluating this research by Princeton University it’s now more apparent then before who are our target demographic is (as outlined above). The aesthetics and the ease of use of the navigation has to be designed in a way that respects and endears the 18-34 and 45-54 educated demographic that will use the website.



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