Web Design Platform Research

Content Management Systems (CMS)

So I’ve decided not to use a Content Management System (CMS) for the website however it was my initial plan to use one. This is advice from my Tutor (Jools Ayodeji) to help make the project more challenging. Though what else is out there?

I’m quite used to using WordPress as of the past 5 years to make website’s. Buying a theme, installing a fresh framework of WordPress then simply amending theme after installing into that WordPress install. Any gaps were filled with plugins or manually editing the themes or plugins.


The above shows some of the most commonly used CMS by web designers. WordPress has the bulk of the share of CMS ran websites with 74,652,825 sites using it.

I’ve had experience with Joomla before and if I had not of chosen to instead decide to develop the website from scratch I perhaps would have tried my hand working on a Joomla CMS.

Website Builders

So aside from manually creating a website or using a CMS. There is another option. Using a website builder to help create it usually using a wizard or friendly web interface.

There are many out there however some of the more common ones would be SquarespaceWix and Shopify. Now Shopify to me is the most interesting as it’s an e-store builder and with online sales increasing over retail sales it makes more sense more people are trying to sell their products online.

I’ve seen a lot of clients that I’ve worked with as a freelance web designer that have come to me with websites made off Wix or Shopify. So these websites do serve a purpose, more as a low-cost starting point for new-start Small-Medium Enterprise (SME’s).


However all considered website builders would not help me develop this website though it does help understand how clients may hand over existing assets to you as a web designer. I’ve had many clients just give me old websites made on website builders as the only assets to use for their new professional website. It’s also good to know what your competition is and understand it. If a client asks why should pay this x amount in this quote you’ve given me when I get the same features for free from a website builder? It should be my understanding as a web designer to know the competition and provide bespoke solutions. That’s why knowing other CMS’s and website builders is important even if I do not use them on projects like this.



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