Paper Wireframe Prototype

So after researching wireframing I came across the technique of paper prototyping/wireframing. I decided to use it on a single page (the home page) of my website. I’ve produced 6 different options for that website which I will put forward for review from my peers to receive some feedback on the various options I’ve designed.

ghazni_h_dmp_assignment3_paper_wireframe_homepage_blackandwhiteI tried to design the front page in line with one of the websites the client had exclaimed he liked.

That was the Olafur Arnalds website. I used the ‘Full Page Screen Capture’ extension for Google Chrome to capture the website in .PNG format (as seen below).


The aesthetics are perfectly aligned to what the client wanted. I’ll be using this website as inspiration to design a similar style for the client.


Overall I really enjoyed this method of prototyping and designing wire-frames. It’s cheaper, quicker and easy to modify. However it is not interactive and not professional enough to show to clients especially on high budget projects.

I would though use it again in the future when I start working in the web design industry.


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